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Dale Bliss & Mark Silvis wake you up in the morning with Great oldies and local, state, and world news and sports from 6-9am Monday thru Friday.


The Glenn Beck Program starts at 9am and goes until noon Monday thru Friday. Visit Glenn Beck online at GlennBeck.com.


Weekdays 12 to 3pm listen to Rush Limbaugh LIVE on WNAE 1310. Saturdays listen to the BEST of Rush Limbaugh from 12 to 3. Visit Rush online at RushLimbaugh.com


Catch the Sean Hannity Show Monday thru Friday from 3 to 6pm and visit his website Hannity.com

jerry doyle

Attention Jerry Doyle Fans! Listen to WNAE 1310 for the Jerry Doyle Show - Weekdays -
6-7pm and 10pm to 4am! Visit him online at JerryDoyle.com.


WNAE 1310 is the HOME OF SAVAGE NATION! Tune in for The Michael Savage Show - weekdays - from 7 to 10pm and visit him online at MichaelSavage.wnd.com.


Saturday’s from 9 to 11am listen to John Bradshaw Layfield
- LIVE - on WNAE 1310!


Every Saturday from 11am to 1pm tune in for Motor Trend Magazine - LIVE - WNAE! And online at MotorTrend.com


TRN Weekend - LIVE -
Saturday’s 1 to 4pm.

Saturdays from 4 to 5pm don’t miss INSIGHTS with Barry Farber - LIVE - on WNAE.

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